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Affordable Punjabi Sikh Wedding Photographers in Philadelphia  Celebrating the Beauty and Joy of the Samidha & Prabhjot Wedding Ceremony by Virdee Films Photo Cinema

Virdee Films is a well-known Photography and Videography company specializing in Punjabi Sikh Weddings, based in New Jersey. Their team is experienced in capturing the vibrant and traditional aspects of Sikh Wedding Ceremonies, providing high-quality services for couples looking to document their special day. With a focus on creativity and attention to detail, Virdee Films Photo Cinema ensures that every moment is beautifully preserved in their photography.

Punjabi Jaggo Ceremony - Virdee Films

Punjabi Jaggo Ceremony Samidha & Prabhjot at Monaco Venue PA 

The Punjabi Sikh jaggo ceremony is a traditional pre-wedding ritual where friends and family members gather to celebrate the upcoming wedding by singing folk songs, dancing, and lighting earthen lamps or diyas. It is a joyous occasion that symbolizes the unity and happiness of the families involved.

Punjabi Wedding Ceremony - Virdee Films

Sikh Wedding Ceremony Samidha & Prabhjot at Gurudwara Upper Darby PA

A Punjabi Sikh wedding ceremony, also known as Anand Karaj, is a spiritual and joyous occasion filled with customs and rituals that symbolize the bond between the bride and groom, their families, and their commitment to each other. It typically takes place in a gurdwara (Sikh temple) 

Punjabi Wedding Reception - Virdee Films

Monaco Venue  Wedding Reception of Samidha & Prabhjot Philadelphia, PA

A Punjabi Sikh wedding reception is a joyous and culturally rich event filled with vibrant colors, lively dancing, and delicious food. It is a celebration of the union of two individuals and their families coming together to bless the couple and wish them a happy future. 

Getting Married and Still Looking for Photographer & Cinematographer?

We Specialized in creating unique Next Day Editing service for your wedding ceremony. This allows you and your guests to enjoy viewing highlights of your daytime wedding at your evening Reception.

Punjabi Sikh Wedding Ceremony Samidha & Prabhjot Downtown Philadelphia 4K Cinematic Highlights


Samidha & Prabhjot Jaggo Ceremony

Congratulations to Samidha and Prabhjot on their Punjabi Jaggo ceremony held at Monaco Venue in Pennsylvania! This traditional pre-wedding ritual is a joyful celebration filled with singing, dancing, and blessings for the couple's upcoming marriage. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and love as they embark on this new chapter together.


Samidha & Prabhjot Wedding Ceremony

Samidha and Prabhjot's Sikh Wedding Ceremony at Gurudwara in Upper Darby, PA. Sikh weddings are beautiful and meaningful celebrations filled with rich traditions and rituals. I'm sure it was a special day for the couple and their families, filled with love, joy, and blessings. Congratulations to the newlyweds on this important milestone in their lives.