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Guyanese Wedding Photographers | Affordable Professional Wedding Photographers in New York-New Jersey 

Our Goal Is To Create The Most Magical Memories of Your Wedding Day. Our Vision Is To Capture The Heart And Joy of Each Moment, Bringing Into Focus Those Lasting Memories So That You May Cherish Them Forever.


Virdee Films Photo-Cinema |Guyanese Wedding Photographers & Cinematographers 

We Done Number of Weddings 25 Years of Experience Nearly 2275 Weddings in 23 States and 9 Countries.

Our goal is to create the most magical memories of your wedding day. Our Vision is to capture the heart and joy of each moment. We Love Doing Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer in New York - New Jersey & We are Available for Travel to any Destination Weddings. Our Experience in Wedding Photography & Cinematography Ensures that your Event Captures the Perfect Balance of Candid & Aesthetic Images that Provide a Beautiful Look into your Magical Day.

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Guyanese Hindu Weddings Unique Traditions | New York Wedding Photographers

Guyanese Weddings one of the most colorful and musical and full-of-charm-and-charisma kind of weddings. The Hindus, Muslims and Christians have different wedding traditions and customs. However, similarities exist, and over the years, some religions have even adopted some customs from others. So let’s begin.

Guyanese Wedding

Virdee Films Photo-Cinema Offers Unique Packages Dramatic Style Photographer & 4K Cinematographer 

Guyanese Wedding are a Celebration of Love & Commitment and can also be a Celebration of the Couple's Religion & Culture. Guyana has six Different Cultures which cerebrate wedding in different ways. The Wedding Day is preceded by the Matikore, Sangeet & Mehndi. These pre-rites prepare the Bride & Groom for their new Stage in Life and allow them to share Special Moments with members of the family.

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Affordable Professional Wedding Photography & Cinematography Services in Tri-State Area

You create the day, Virdee Films always ready to capture your memories forever

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Wedding day is a day most people constantly dream of for their whole life. A day in which you may not remember the events that happened even though the event is all about you, but still, you can’t capture the whole memory as perfectly as you want. That wedding gown, the bridal train, your families present, and your setting are things you will want to have a clear picture of and always remember. This is why a good photographer is needed to capture every bit of the event. Since planning weddings takes a while, sometimes as long as six months to a year, it won’t be good to allow the day to pass without having a proper record of it.To achieve all these plans, you must not allow incompetent photographers handle your event. These are the guidelines to hiring a good photographer, so that you can have a wedding memory that lasts forever.

Personalize Wedding Website Photo Gallery High Definition Video Preview

A Personalize website of every wedding is available to view online, where family & friends can order copies of the images if they wish. After the event we will build a custom webpage Photo & Video Gallery for you to select your images for Album and we can provide High Quality Prints, custom build Albums.


The Wedding Date is Determined in the Stars; Before the wedding, an auspicious time (known as the muhurta) is fixed for the event. Using the bride and groom’s dates of birth, astrologists calculate the position of planets and stars to reflect the celestial union of the couple.

During the ceremony, the Gotra of both bride and groom (going back at least three generations) are announced. A Gotra is the ancestral lineage or the ancestor’s original clan (this is not related to caste or religion). In Hindu law, marriages should not take place within the same clan.

Guyanese wedding photography demands that the photographer knows extensively about the culture and traditions of a typical Guyanese wedding, so that they can capture the best photos and videos of the event. Here are some ideas that will help you get started with finding the right photographers for your wedding.

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